What are the ups and downs of different roof styles?

What are the ups and downs of different roof styles?

The different roofing materials give rise to different roofing styles. Some pros and cons are associated with each roof style are discussed below so that you can find the right roofing contractors downriver Michigan locale.

  • Gable Roof

The gable roof is one of the most commonly found roof in the United States of America. This is preferred widely due to its ability to shed the snow and rain. Though the roof has this good ability; it needs to be often checked as the edges must be kept intact which otherwise would have got damaged in the storms or snow. If the edges are not in place, then the roof could not withstand.

  • Flat Roof

If one lives in parts of Michigan where at times the temperature might sore very high, the flat roof is a great idea. One can install a solar panel on the roof and make use of the electricity provided by nature. At the same time, if not provided with a slight pitch, the roof would be unable to drain the rainwater which over the course of time would damage the roof and start seeping in.

  • Skillion Roof

This is the right kind of roof if you are searching for a roof that would withstand sudden heavy snowfall yet provide great interior space. The Skillion Roofs can rest on a tall wall and increases the slide area of the roof. One should also make sure that the roof is held intact at the joining space.

  • Pyramid roof

This roof has been named after Pyramid owing to its resemblance to the Pyramid. The slanting roofs join the top portion of the roofing area that is flat, thus providing support by holding all them in the middle. This type of roofing is best for places where there are frequent snowstorms. On the other side, the roof is also expensive due to its complex design.

All the above roofing styles are mentioned for those who have a budget framed for roofing. If you feel that money is no constraint and that you need your home to look great, then you can go for complex roofs like Combination roofs, Dome roofs, Butterfly roofs, etc., Roofs also have an impact on the living space.

Thus, one can get an idea of which roof would suit their needs both by style and economically by glancing the points suggested.

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