Understand Why Pillow Protectors are Necessary for You

Understand Why Pillow Protectors are Necessary for You


When you use or take a pillow for sleeping you need to protect it by pillow protector. The pillow protectors are needed because they help to easily guard against allergens. These protectors also increase the life of your down and feature pillows by keeping them cleaner. Also, they are easy to remove and wash.

Pillow protectors are used to preventing pillows from dust miles and stains. Generally, these protectors have a zippered closure. The pillow protector is on which you sleep. A protector placed on the pillow cover. It is commonly part of your bed sheet set. They are designed as a functional and attractive covering. Also, these pillow protectors are available in mainly three sizes king, queen, and standard. Amongst these sizes, queen and standard are normally used.

All types of pillow protectors come in all sizes. But while purchasing it you should decide this according to your choices and mainly thinking of what size of bed you have. Because if you chose king size pillow protector and actually your pillow is small then this king size will look odd. But sometimes if you buy queen size pillow protectors and you have standard size pillow. It may happen that queen size pillow protector fits standard size pillow though it is a little bit bigger than the pillow. But generally while purchasing you can buy the same size pillow and pillow protector. So if you buy queen size pillow then purchase queen size pillow, protector. The same thing will apply to king size and standard size.

But queen pillow protectors and standard pillow protectors have mostly used sizes. These sizes are available widely. King size is also available but not suitable for even and odd or big or small pillows. So while buying it you should consider the size factor.

There are some reasons why these pillow protectors are required on the pillow. Following are the reasons you should look at:

  • Protector Keeps Your Pillow Cleaner:

Pillow protector is the first step to keep your pillow clean for longer. Over the period, our pillows get filled with dust, dirt, skin cells, and dander such as our beds does. If we placed a pillow protector it will protect buildup on the down and feather inside the pillow. This increases the time between washing the pillows, saving laundry time.

  • Blocks out Allergens:

There are pillow protectors are made of closely woven fabric. This fabric helps in keeping dander and dust out of the pillow to protect allergens from creating in the filling of the pillow. These pillow protectors are too hot water washable, which is essential since allergists usually advice washing lines weekly in 130-degree water.

  • Softer for Life:

Utilizing pillowcases as well as pillow protectors creates a double protection against those body fluids that finish up on our pillows. The dirt and oils in sweat and saliva can create to ponder down the pillow and decrease its stuff. Whereas this can occur to any pillow, it can be a larger aspect in down pillows as the down clusters are light. You want these protectors to be fluffy to retain their performance.

  • Assurance against Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are not a big problem for pillows as they incline to like the folds of the mattress well. For various having a little additional safety can be essential for those with a bed bug issue as it is common in big cities. Since the pillow protectors have zippers, bed bugs will incapable to enter your pillows.

  • Peace of Mind While Travelling:

Carry pillow protectors and place them on the pillows while traveling. Due to this, you can avert bed pests while also avoiding the chance if dirty pillow protectors making contact with your skin. Pillow protectors don’t take more space in your suitcase. So forget all worries and have a good night sleep.

  • Added Comfort:

Pillow protectors can too give comfort. So if your pillows are in necessity of a refresh pillow protectors are the best way of giving them a new occupancy of life. They also give an additional layer of plushness.

  • Extending Your Pillow’s Lifespan:

Protectors are the best way to extend the lifespan of your pillows. They help to protect regular wear and tear. If you are capable to maintain cleanliness of your pillows by utilizing a protector, the less often you will require replacing them. It is advised that pillows are exchanged by every six months. But this can depend on whether or not a pillow protector is utilized.

So from these aspects, you can understand that using pillow protectors are necessary. These pillow protectors truly protect your pillow and also your sleep. They prevent you from getting any skin or health problems. You should always use these pillow protectors which give you a good sleep and maintain cleanliness of your pillow.


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