Top 3 Things to Look for When Planning Horse Fencing

Top 3 Things to Look for When Planning Horse Fencing

Electric fencing is a barrier used to prevent animals and people from crossing over their boundaries. It delivers mild to moderate electric shocks, which temporarily stun the individual, thus avert their attempt of crossing over. It is mostly used in animal farms, and in the military. In animal arms and agricultural lands, electric fences mostly provide a low-level barrier, thus causing the shock to be short, sharp and safe.

Equestrian farms usually have electric fencing to keep the horse from straying away. Horse fences in Perth are very common, however, electric fences, if not taken care of properly, can gravely damage the animal, sometimes leading to its death. Horses tend to run blindly when in danger, and a mild shock from the fence would cause a psychological barrier, thus enabling the horse to stay within its boundaries.

What should I consider while setting up an electric fence?

  1. A well-defined enclosure – The area set to be enclosed inside the fence must be properly defined, as wide enough to provide a decent grazing and sport area. The enclosure must be large enough to accommodate equipment such as mowers, and those specially designed for equine therapy. In Perth, horse fencing companies ensure that the gates and other openings are designed well in advance before designing the fence.
  2. A high quality wired fence of equal thickness – The wire is the one that carries the electrical impulses throughout the fence, and thus care must be taken that the wire is not greatly bent or kinked at places, which tend to leak electrical impulses. The even thickness of the wire must also be ensured, so that electrical injuries upon encountering a mild shock are avoided. This is important even when the fence is not connected to electricity, as sharp edges and kinks can tend to injure upon accidental contact. Horse fencing in Perth ensures that the electrical parameters are not compromised.
  3. A proper electrical supply – Electrical fences work on the principle of creating a circuit upon any object encountering it. This way, the horse touches the fence and receives a mild shock, which completes the circuit. However, if the current supply is irregular or uncontrolled, the intended mild shock would turn into a major shock, which might sometimes turn out to be fatal. This must be prevented by ensuring a steady supply of uninterrupted current, by using a high booster voltage stabiliser. Proper grounding of the fence is essential, or else there would be no shocks created.

Installing an equine electrical fence is a great option to enclose the horses; horse fencing supplies in Perth provide numerous deals and options. However, care must be taken to ensure that improper electricity management does not cause the entire system to fail.


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