Everything in this world has its opposite, we are enjoying the life but all of us have to taste the death too. The brightest light of the sun has to get replaced by the darkness of the night. Similarly, the useful inventions we appreciate and luxuriate in have their fair share of hazards that hit once-in-a-while but can’t be neglected as they cause unbearable loss.

Stating that, boilers and heating systems provide us with the warmth to survive. They make the environment and temperature comfortable enough to make us perform effectively in our daily lives, otherwise, crazy winters of UK are enough to make our fingers and toes stiff. As we are discussing hazards, boilers and heating systems can be handful in that department too.

The risks are as following:

  • High energy expenditure: Due to the expanding nature of steam i.e. steam expands 1000 times more when converted from water, this leads to corrosion of the pipes it is transferred in which in turn leads to high energy cost, reduced inefficiency and damage the appliance.
  • Scalding: Collapsed or broken pipes can spray hot stream of water and steam which can cause burns to the people close by. Secondly, people, usually children and older ones gets their skin burned by using the water set on the option ‘hot.’ The water that is heated by the boiler for domestic use can be blazing enough to cause scalding.
  • Explosion: If boiler is run without water, it becomes really dangerous when sudden stream of water is poured into it which causes explosion that is hardly possible to control. Moreover, the water heaters or boilers can explode if the pressure inside become too high causing serious damage to the household and the lives.
  • Bacterial adulteration: Sometimes, the temperature at which the water is boiler is not hot enough for the bacteria and other germs to die. This causes contamination of the water that is used for various everyday purposes such as washing, showering, storing etc. it happens because the thermostat on the storage tanks is not a reliable source for depicting the internal water temperature.  


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