Preparing Your House to Host a Wedding

Preparing Your House to Host a Wedding

Having a wedding at your home might not be the first thing that comes to mind during the process of planning the wedding.  It’s probably not even the second.  But it should definitely be a consideration. Specialized event spaces are terrifically costly and can end up being somewhat impersonal, or even more expensive to decorate to your taste.

Why go to the trouble of renting a space? You don’t feel more at home anywhere else, so a wedding in your comfort zone would be perfect! Not only that, but the flexibility offered by hosting a wedding in your home lets you extend the preparation timeline. No rushing around at the last minute on a schedule set by a venue. Plus, you won’t be restricted by the rules that some venues impose such as not allowing wedding sparklers or setting absurdly early cutoff times for your celebration. Here are some tips for preparing your home to host your (or anyone’s) wedding!Image result for Preparing Your House to Host a Wedding

Get Tidy Inside

Don’t leave the full home deep cleaning until the last minute! It’s recommended that you do this at least a week in advance of the event. You might even consider hiring a service to do the deep cleaning and/or the post-wedding cleanup. Especially if it’s your wedding, since you very likely won’t be in the mood to clean the morning after!

Get Tidy Outside

Make sure the entrance to your home is welcoming.  The lawn should be mowed, and the walk outlined with proper lighting so that people arriving and leaving can find the path easily. Ensure that there is adequate outdoor lighting.

If you have outdoor space in the backyard or on a patio, ensure that it is swept clean and is tidy. Organize furniture in conversational groups (something that you ought to do with the furniture in each room inside, as well). If you are planning to use wedding sparklers, make sure there is plenty of open space without obstructions to use them safely. If you plan to use confetti, be sure to get the biodegradable kind since it’s virtually impossible to sweep up all the flecks with a broom.

Get Prettied Up

When your house is spotless and the rooms set up to be conducive to conversations and fun, set the mood for a festive evening or a romantic reception with the lighting and décor. The easiest way to get an elegant party look is to work twinkle lights into unexpected places.  Placing strands under furniture gives a soft, glowing up-lit effect to a room.  A similar effect is bundling strands of them in large glass jars with faux greenery. Adding candles creates an intimate mood, as does decorating with unexpected displays of flowers in a variety of vessels. They don’t need to be in formal arrangements, but they can be arranged nicely in vintage vases or glasses.

Have an Excellent Plan

Once your house looks amazing both inside and out and you have yourself looking great as well, you’ll need to make sure you know when and where all of the activities will be taking place. Even if you settled on smokeless sparklers for weddings for your guests to enjoy, the last thing you want is to have your guests lighting them up in the middle of your kitchen because they weren’t aware of the plan, so making sure you have everything properly orchestrated and explained will ensure a fun experience for everyone.

A wedding hosted at home definitely needs to be planned carefully, but it can be a truly wonderful and intimate event – which is what a wedding is really all about.

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