Micro Wave Oven – Advantages and Disadvantages

Micro Wave Oven – Advantages and Disadvantages

Microwave Ovens are one of the finest inventions in the field of electronic appliances. Like all other appliances which have made our lives so much easier, so have done the ovens. They have made cooking relatively easier and faster. People prefer these ovens and are happy with their usage. It is a boon for every woman, especially. Also, for the cafes and the restaurants, its service is immensely positive. But, like any other electronic products, there are few pros and cons of microwave ovens too. We would discuss them separately in detail below.


  1. It makes cooking easier and much faster than the gas and stove. All you need is to just set timer and temperature and wait for your delicious food.
  2. The most used facility of this oven is that it heats food in lesser time, without changing the change of the food and also no wastage of gas.Image result for Microwave Oven – Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. The food is uniformly cooked in this oven. There is no chance of partial or semi-cooked All you need to take care is the temperature setting for specific foods.
  4. Anyone can use these ovens, only you must know how to use it and the temperatures. There is no risk in it like the gas or stove. Reading the manual or proper guidance, once, is enough to operate this.
  5. The food does not stick to the vessels at all, in microwave cooking. So, utensils do not get spoiled or burnt.
  6. The consumption of oil is relatively minimized in these ovens. And hence, it helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.
  7. The nutrients are not lost while being prepared in such ovens and we get more healthy food.
  8. Baking is something which is not possible in other appliances. It allows hassle-freebaking. Baking in pressure cookers and other such things does not yield best or even better results.
  9. The natural color of the food is not spoilt while preparing it in ovens.
  10. No fat or low-fat cooking is a result of the food made in ovens.


  1. Until and unless microwave safe is used, the unwanted chemicals are transferred into the foods from the plastic utensils or the package.
  2. There are many food items which cannot be prepared in such ovens. Like roti, tandoori roti, boiled eggs, and much more related food items.
  3. Until and unless the microwave has a browning unit, the food colordoes not change to brown, because of the short period of cooking.
  4. One must need to be very careful while operating these ovens because if proper care is not taken, then it can cause physiological abnormalities.
  5. In other methods of cooking, food items are blended with the flavors because of long time involved in its preparation. But this is not the case with ovens.
  6. These ovens can only penetrate to the depth of 1.5 inches and hence food items which are thicker than this range, cannot be properly

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of microwave ovens. You must keep all of them in mind while purchasing and using them. These kitchen appliances are very helpful and time saving if properly used.

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