How To Make Sure Your Window Blinds Are Safe For Your Kids And Pets

How To Make Sure Your Window Blinds Are Safe For Your Kids And Pets

Window blinds are additional fixtures that add design and functionality to rooms. However, it also carries potential dangers if you have children or pets. That is why it is important to consider creating safety measures to protect against accidents. Here are some strategies to ensure that your window blinds are secure for your pets and kids.

Proper Placement of Furniture

One of the best ways to secure window blinds is to distribute furniture properly. The process involves removing furnishings such as tables and chairs near windows. Your objective is to eliminate the possibility of children or household pets climbing and get into an accident. A good strategy is to design your space in such a way that people or animals will not have access to the fixtures, blinds, or the cord to prevent mishaps.

Cutting the Cord Short

A practical way to solve the potential risk of accidents caused by blinds is cutting the cord short. It is an inexpensive way to ensure that it remains out of reach of your child or pet. The main issue with the approach is the added effort needed to lift or lower blinds. However, if you have a limited budget, the strategy can get the job done.

Explore Better Options

The development of new technologies also gives you the chance to explore better options for window blinds. For instance, you can now get cordless blinds that can significantly reduce accidents for children and pets. Although the choice can become expensive as you need to replace every window of your home, it can become a valuable investment in the long term. As a suggestion, try replacing blinds in rooms where your child or pet usually stays. Then slowly change other parts of the house when your budget permits.

Use Safety Devices

If your budget is tight, then you can get safety devices for blinds. Before exploring for options, try to look up if your current blind setup includes specific features for protection. You can ask your local dealer or search online if such features are available. Examples of devices that you can explore are cord cleats and chain tensioners. Note that each tool has its purpose. For instance, a cord cleat is suitable for blinds that operate using cords.

Oversee Installation

Lastly, you should always consider the installation process. Even if you buy blinds that have safety features, it does not automatically mean that your child is secured. You need to make sure that the setup is correct. For this part, it is best to hire contractors who are capable of getting the job done effectively. You can also read the instructional manual and double check if the cord-restraining device is properly secured.

Bottom Line

Overall, the tips given are ways for you to secure your blinds. The combination of practical options and changes in your window setup gives you the chance to pursue decisions based on your current situation. By following these strategies, you can achieve its function of controlling light, ensure privacy, and adequately protect your children or pets from accidents.

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