Emergency locksmith. America’s backbone small business

Emergency locksmith. America’s backbone small business

When people from poor nations think about America the jealously long for the ability to start up their own business and not live in a shithole. We have all seen the images from the late night news of poo filled ponds with trash floating all over the place. How disgusting! No wonder why these 3rd world nations want to get away from crap and urine smells.

Ride the backbone of small business!

Today in America there are 8.9 million small businesses all contributed their small part to the American economy by creating pointless jobs for under-educated over-medicated American citizens. Is this good for the global stream of consciousness? Depends on how you look at it because it is really your perception and opinion that will make it matter to you and that will influence those around you.

Imagine what it feels like to be poor and sick from another country.

Imagine yourself as an immigrant getting off of the boat on Ellis Island. You can see the Statue of Liberty. You can see the smog billowing off of the tall skyscrapers You impatiently wait there wondering if your 3 months of sea stuck with sick and dying Chinese indentured servants was all worth it. But then you again hang tight to the leaflet that described the need for local locksmiths. You read over and over again the “How to pick locks with John Homolka” and pray that you too will be strong enough to build your career in the New World as a professional local emergency locksmith service.

Could you stand 3 months at Ellis Island in 1914?

For days immigrants would wait at Ellis Island. It really was a camp to indoctrinate and eliminate the undesired people from entering America. Many of the immigrants that made it to Ellis Island went on to live wonderful successful lives as Jewelers, Carpenters, Barbers, Auto Mechanics and of course The Locksmith. In the early days locksmiths were busy riding their horse and carriage mobile emergency locksmith businesses around town. In those days the emergency locksmith calls would be placed on telegraph wires. Then it could take up to 2 days for the emergency locksmith to arrive. In most cases local locksmith services were mostly only called to open or repair bank vaults. But they still would help the old lady pick open her suitcase if she needed it. Back then to pick open a suit case and make a new key only cost 5 cents! And to think that the local locksmith would have to feed and water his horses too!

Imagine virus’ of locksmiths everywhere!

Like a virus the emergency locksmith industry has spread all across the United States and beyond. Did you know that there are locksmith businesses in local area too? Who would have thought that so many miles and years away there is a local locksmith toiling away assisting residents as they always have. The heritage. The craftsmanship. It is a wonderful thing to pass along. Today there are locksmith training camps setup all across the mid-west. These training camps are springing up some of the most genius talent that the world has to bring to the locksmith industry. Some of these special people are chosen to be brain child’s to lead the world into the future. True leaders in the emergency locksmith field!

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