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Home Improvement

7 Reasons why pine external gate doors are right for you

External gate doors from Wonkee Donkee are designed to allow your garden space to follow a consistent theme. The external gate doors are made from solid pine and are ideal

Home Improvement

10 Amazing staircase design ideas to inspire your home renovation

As the UK’s leading staircase design company, Pear Stairs have countless suggestions for ways you can make your home stand out! When it comes to renovating your property, you want


Broken Plan Living: 10 Reasons Why Your Next Home Must Have It

You’ve likely heard of open plan living, a popular layout in many homes which allows for optimal lighting and air flow and makes the most of communal areas, but it’s


Functional And Versatile Ideas To Use Wine Barrel For Your Home Décor

Do you have old wine barrel lying unused in your home? In today’s set up these old wine barrel looks completely out of place. However instead of throwing away this


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